Monday, June 15, 2015

The sanitarium compositions #2

Some fragments of poetry written while under lock and key :

View From a Sanitarium Room Window

The gleaming clouds, in their gyres
Leer, askance, at the verdant,
Daintily beckoning spires
Titillating by chance in lofty air currents.
The goddess herself, in her strength and her frailty
Stands before me, in my shame and my heresy.

View From a Sanitarium Room Window #2

I stand, peering
From a first floor window
As transparent as my longings.
Leering at my captors,
Abhorrent as they are,
I still wish them no harm.
Many sneer back,
Showing a lack of empathy
Those meager examples
Of humanity
Judging me insane
For staining the glass
With my palms

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