Monday, June 15, 2015

Sanitarium compositions #4

Entry number four of my musings from my time in the asylum~


Within this labyrinth
I eagerly whisper, to no one,
Of the brilliant luminescence
Emanating from the nothingness.
Like a moth to a blinding torch
Like sheep to a billboard
Above the deepest morass
I reflect upon
The finality of my excursion.

In the further beyond,
A dozen ballerinas mingle,
Eagerly, within a boneyard
(A painted exhibition of spite).
Within this spectrum,
A maelstrom circles
The arterial junction
Within a raven's swelling breast.

The raw momentum of the stars
Cunningly undoes my composure
As a golden morning engulfs
My hardly tended soil-
It panics and flowers,
Reminiscent of young souls.
On my chariot, I will venture
To the depths of this abyss
And combust with the vicious kingdom.
Is this unspeakable,
Or a beautiful cycle?

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