Monday, November 19, 2012

Nuclear Collage

We need new nukes!
Belligerent competitors:
North Korea, Iran!
Non-state entities weaponizing uranium!
Global reach, a credible deterrent!
Any nation on Earth!
Within the hour!
Ensure retaliation
Improve safety!
Obliterate soft targets
On a moment's notice!
Improve security:
Exceed the horror of Hiroshima!
Millions die quickly!
Millions more maimed!
Comprehensive defense strategy:
Replace current weapons!

The scale of a crisis
Black hole
In the heart of
The future of physics
People fleeing
Skin hanging
From hands
And from chins
Sick survivors
Families at bedsides
Getting bored
With death.
The legacy:
Ulcerated intestines
Disease of Darwinism
The science
Of "doing good"
The haphazard endeavor
A measure of creativity
Of human catastrophe
Ethical guidelines for sale
Pay for what works
Build a future
On science

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